January 2010

This gorgeous 16 month old Blue Merle Border Collie, an owner relinquishment, found her new forever home on January 8, 2010.

Misty is a purebred 16 month old blue merle border collie female. She is the older sibling (same parents, consecutive litters) of Miley who was one of our foster dogs this summer.

At the time, Miley’s family relinquished her to us they decided to keep Misty. However they have come to the same conclusion with Misty that they are not the right home for a border collie and have asked us to take her and find her forever home like we did with Miley. Misty is scheduled to be picked up this Saturday. At that time she will be evaluated. We currently do not know what type of girl she is other than she is very beautiful! Watch the site for updates on her!


January 8, 2010

Misty was adopted January 8, 2010



June 8, 2010

Misty has started agility training 6 weeks ago, has promise.  Her and Wildfire are getting along like sisters.  They have fun playing their games and running after soccer balls.  Misty loves to sleep in our bed at bedtime and through the night.  Loves to cuddle.  She is such a great dog and I’m thankful I got her.

September 20, 2011

Hi Toni,
Misty really put on a good show this last weekend.  She seemed so comfortable being out on the courses.  Our next trial is in 3 weeks, will see if she is for real or not.Mark and Misty

From: Agile Sec <agilitysecretary@comcast.net>
Subject: FVDTC Results for Misty
Date: Monday, September 19, 2011, 9:38 AM

Dear Mark,

The following information is being sent to the AKC for
Misty (Misty) – PAL254769

JWW-NB-REG – 20 Inch – Judge: Lisa Haidle-Potts
Distance: 113 yards – SCT: 38 seconds
Score: 100(Q) – Time: 27.47 seconds – 3rd place

STD-NB-REG – 20 Inch – Judge: Blair Kelly
Distance: 144 yards – SCT: 69 seconds
Score: 100(Q) – Time: 46.46 seconds – 1st place

JWW-NB-REG – 20 Inch – Judge: Blair Kelly
Distance: 108 yards – SCT: 36 seconds
Score: 100(Q) – Time: 33.43 seconds – 2nd place

STD-NB-REG – 20 Inch – Judge: Lisa Haidle-Potts
Distance: 140 yards – SCT: 67 seconds
Score: 95(Q) – Time: 56.92 seconds – 1st place

Thanks Mark for giving this girl a Border Collie’s DREAM home!


December 14, 2011

Another wonderful update from Misty’s owner, and it sounds like she is continuing to excel in her agility career.  😀

Misty spent her entire life on a chain before coming to North Star and then being adopted by Mark.  She couldn’t have a more perfect life, and I am so thankful she and Mark found each other.

Hi Toni,

We’re going into our December break from agility trials.  Misty got her 3rd title, her OAJ ( open jumpers with weaves ).  We’ll start back up Jan. 7th and 8th.  She has 2 qualifying runs in Open Standard and 2 qualifying runs in Excellant A Jumpers with Weaves.  So, when we start back up in her first trial. She could get 2 more titles.  So far she has 4 – 1st place ribbons, 6 – 2nd place ribbons, 2 – 3rd place ribbons and 1 – 4th place ribbon.

I’m going to send some of the pictures I have of her.  Waiting for the picture of her going through the weave poles at the last trial.  As soon as I get the agility picture I’ll copy you.

I’ll keep you posted on how Misty is doing.

Hope you have a happy holiday and a happy new year.
Mark and Misty


December 20, 2011 

An update from Misty’s owner

Hi Toni,

Finally received Misty’s picture.  I think it shows how she really does the weaves.  She leans into to the poles, which is unusual.  I think it’s a good picture of her.  I guess I’m a little bias.  I’ll keep you updated on her progress in the agility trials.

Happy Holidays         Mark and Misty

Misty Weaves

January 7, 2012 

 Hi Toni,

Well wonder dog has done it again.  The first day of the agility trial, Misty has double Q.  Gain 2 more titles, her OA and her AXJ.  So, she now has 5 titles in 6 trials.

Will keep you updated on future trials.
Mark and Misty

CONGRATULATIONS on yet another great day for Misty and Mark! 😀

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