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This is a Courtesy Listing for Ren


Ren is a high energy, active/working energy level border collie, who needs a “job”.  She is smart, fun, and totally Border Collie.  She would be perfect for someone who will teach her agility, or another active sport, and who is an alpha personality.  Ren is not for the inexperienced Border Collie owner, or one who is not super active.

We estimate Ren at 2 years of age, she weighs about 40 lbs, is medium coat and black and white.      She is extremely fast, determined, herdy, and dominant.  She tries to “run” the house, including people and dogs, although she is wonderful (inside and outside) with one of my other foster dogs who is blind.

Ren will require a traditional fenced yard of at least 5 feet, as she has a high prey drive, and can jump amazingly high.  She loves to play with other dogs.  Ren tends to be rough, dominant, and herdy outside, although I can back her off if she gets too pushy.

I work from a home office, and we go outside every couple of hours, and chase around.  Then I go back to work and Ren and Siri play like crazy.   Play, play, play is should be Ren’s name!  She is very toy driven, and loves to “tug” with Siri, and remove squeakers from toys.  That is only after she has driven you crazy squeaking it!  It’s a good thing she does not normally bark much!  However, she has a “brat” bark.  If she is crated, and she wants attention, activity, or I am leaving, she barks (loud).  She generally quiets down within a few minutes of being ignored.

RenboneNovember16Overall, Ren is great in the house, although she occasionally goes #2.  She tends to forget to go #2 outside, as she is such a busy girl.  I’ve taken her sheep herding to be tested, and she has a ton of potential (eye and self-confidence).  It was a joy to watch her work the very first time she was on sheep!  I also had one of my friends at our kennel club try her on some agility equipment, and my friend said Ren has talent and self-confidence, and she thinks Ren will work for anybody.  I have a video of agility and herding.

Ren is an inside dog, and crate trained.  Although Ren is very active in the house, she sometimes has an off switch, and will snuggle with me.  She follows me everywhere when she is not playing with Siri, and likes to try to keep other dogs away from me by herding them away.  She is spayed, up to date on shots, heartworm (4 dx test), on heartworm/flea preventative, and has been chipped.

Due to Ren’s personality and energy level, she would need both an active home, and a home with dogs who do not mind being herded, and and/or who are dominant.  She cannot go to a home with young children, or someone who will let her take charge of their house.

Ren is being fostered in Paducah, KY (western KY) by Away to Me BC Rescue.  We are approximately 3 hours southeast of St. Louis, and approximately 2 hours northwest of Nashville.  For more information on Ren, please contact Chris at ilovebordercollies@live.com

Ren Sleeping

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